Legal Status of Cannabis Growers in the US

Cannabis has been a topic of controversy for many years now, and although it is now legal to grow cannabis in several parts of the world, there is no dearth of confusion, especially in locations like the USA where it’s legal only in a few states. The laws regarding the cultivation of cannabis differ from one state to another, and if you’re an enthusiastic cannabis grower, this article that explains the legal status of cannabis in the US can help you understand a few things.

  • Alaska

Anybody who’s over 21 years can use up to one ounce of cannabis and growers can possess up to six plants with no more than three mature plants.

  • Arizona

In Arizona, users can cultivate up to twelve plants if they reside at least 25 miles away from a dispensary.

  • California

While patients can possess up to an ounce of marijuana, they can only cultivate up to six plants in California. As long as the plants are immature, growers can even grow about twelve plants to gain relief from their ailments.

  • Colorado

Colorado has been a godsend to people who depend on marijuana; however, patients can only grow about six plants with only three mature plants at any given point in time.

  • District of Columbia

While it’s alright for users to possess even two full ounces of cannabis, patients that are at least 21 years and above can only grow up to six plants that include both mature and immature plants, but they all use best led grow lights.

  • Hawaii

In Hawaii, a cannabis user can appoint a caregiver to receive help with their medicines. The caregiver can also grow cannabis plants on the patient’s behalf but he can only do so for one patient at a time. Apart from that, a cannabis user can cultivate up to seven plants at any point in time.

  • Maine

Certified cannabis users in Maine can possess about twelve immature plants and six mature plants with no restrictions on the number of seedlings. If users provide valid reasons, the limits can also be extended to eighteen plants by the municipality.

  • Massachusetts

Although it’s perfectly legal to possess even five grams of marijuana concentrate, users can only grow about six mature plants away from the eyes of the public in the state of Massachusetts.

  • Michigan

In the state of Michigan, it’s possible for cannabis users to grow up to twelve plants as long as they are private in a locked facility. Patients can even entrust their care to a caregiver who’s willing to grow cannabis plants on their behalf.

  • Montana

In Montana, one can grow up to twelve seedlings and four plants that are mature. Even your provider can grow only four plants and twelve seedlings to help you.

While it’s legal to possess marijuana in states like Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, and Illinois, cannabis cultivation at home is not permitted.

As you can see, the laws to possess and grow marijuana are different. This forces many people to depend on dispensaries and it can get very expensive over time. There’s also the problem of purchasing your favorite strains since most dispensaries don’t stock a lot of products. The simplest solution to overcome this problem is to grow cannabis indoors after purchasing some of the Best LED Grow Lights, soil, fertilizers, and seeds to derive the best output.

It might seem difficult at first, but really, it’s as simple as growing a few tomato plants at home! So, the next time you have difficulty finding your favorite strain or if you simply can’t afford dispensaries, simply buy a few seeds and start growing at home.

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