What impact will climate change have on the society and the world?

Record loss of ice in the Antarctic

The poles will be the biggest areas to be affected and will continue to be so at a faster rate than most other areas, which in itself is a daunting thought as the loss of the Arctic shelves brings about the rise in sea-levels and an increasing worry about the loss of habitable coastal regions!

Dire warning from the Centers for Disease Control

As climate change causes the unavoidable migration of different animal, insect, plant and various other species to locations that best suite their needs this will also bring any known diseases and infections they may have as well.  Humans, crops and other creatures currently living in these areas will be exposed to these new diseases.  Not only do humans have to worry about any new diseases but climate change alone will have a huge effect on the health and mortality rate of humans as the Centers for Disease Control warns that the rising temperatures will have a big effect on our air-quality, degrading to such a state that gives diseases such hantavirus, Lyme disease and other insect and animal-carried diseases room to manifest as it causes a state perfect for the disease’s incubation and infestation.

National Security Implications

Not only will there be an impact on health, disease and creatures having to learn to co-inside with unfamiliar species there is the added threat of over-population as the seas rise and claim heavily populated coastal areas forcing them to become “coastal-refugees” and move inland.  The threat of coastal region migrants crossing various boundaries and borders in seek of refuge is a huge concern to governments all over the world as recognized by the National Security Implications of Climate Change for U.S. Naval Forces documented back in 2007!  Thus climate change will have a great impact on the security of nations as fights over land, food and water are bound to become an issue.


As scientist race against time and nature to find a way to stop or at least slowdown climate change we can each do our bit by being a little more greener and conscious of our effects on our environment and this beautiful planet upon which we live.

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