Does Human Growth Hormone Slow Aging

There have been numerous studies conducted to examine the effects of human growth hormone (HGH) on the aging process. Many believe that the growth hormone does, in fact, slow down aging in humans, as it works to direct the growth and development of vital cells and tissues helping preserve youth.

Human Growth Hormone Explained

HGH is a growth stimulator that plays a key role in maintaining the tissues and important organs in your body throughout your lifetime. The pituitary gland is essentially responsible for producing this hormone, however, its secretion is naturally reduced once you reach middle age. To counter this, athletes and bodybuilders usually use synthetic human growth hormone. Professionals may recommend the intake of HGH for adults looking to counter aging and increase muscle mass. However, it should be noted that HGH use is banned and is suggested only in certain conditions.

How Is It Linked To Age Conditions

Many of the aging signs like less bone mass, low stamina, and decreased muscle mass can be easily treated by taking the proper amount of growth hormone. Adults can use HGH to build lean muscle mass, enhance exercise capacity and stamina, reduce fats and slow down the aging process. Since the liver converts this hormone into productive growth stimulators that regulate the development of cells and tissues, the hormone promotes anti-aging by minimizing fat and enhancing vitality. However, the hormone levels in the body should be regulated, especially after you reach middle age due to the natural reduction in HGH production.

Studies Conducted For HGH And Aging

A study conducted in 1990 which was published in the New England Journal of Medicine revealed that HGH had remarkable effects on the aging process. As per the study, almost a dozen people aged 61 to 81 were tested with HGH injections for a duration of six months. The participants observed lean muscle mass and reduced body fat. Additionally, they experienced a positive rise in the blood sugar levels and blood pressure along with enhanced skin elasticity.

Another amazing observation was the normalcy in the size of vital organs such as kidneys and the heart that usually tend to shrink as you age. Researchers actually termed HGH as a ‘miracle drug’ based on the positive observations of this study. If you want to try it on yourself, here is a great website to buy hgh.

Although the study was limited in its context, as narrated by the New England Journal of Medicine, the use of HGH in adults and children with HGH deficiency had shown that this hormone has strong effects on growth and aging that are not only positive but also productive.

Is It Effective For Anti Aging?

The use of HGH has been controversial, especially with regards to using synthetics to build muscle mass. Many also debated on the results of 1990 study, however, the benefits of human growth hormone and its positive effects on aging and its decline cannot be denied according to health experts.

The growth hormone helps in slowing down the development of many degenerative diseases related to age, maintaining metabolic growth, cognitive acuity, and peace of mind by enhancing vitality. Those who have low levels of the growth hormone experience signs such as loss of muscle mass, increase in body fat, and less vigor or stamina. These are general signs of aging that you tend to experience as you grow through the years. Proper HGH levels in the body help overcome these signs and keep you young and healthy by regulating the growth and development of biological processes.

It is recommended that you keep a check on the HGH levels in your body for smooth metabolism functioning as you grow old. Apart from the synthetic intake, there are natural ways to boost the levels of HGH in your body. These include regular exercise, proper nutrition, and sound sleep. Your sleep cycle is an important aspect that should be optimized to elevate the HGH secretion. If you are an active person or a sports enthusiast, then these natural ways of increasing HGH production would come handy. Adults who feel they need to make use of synthetic human growth hormone to increase body mass and energy levels in the body should consult with their healthcare professionals in order to avoid any side effects.

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