In which states of the US are tiny houses forbidden?

The tiny home trends

The is an ever-increasing fascination for the building of tiny homes which is classified as any home that is under six-hundred square foot.  For people wanting to cut down their cost of living and create more space for other such houses in the ever-increasing population and decreasing available space – there are not many states in the U.S. that actually allow them!

Is there an outright ban on the building of these houses?

Due to a lack of contractors willing to build any houses under six-hundred square foot and government regulations clamping down, if not put a stop to the building of such dwellings for various reasons, quite a few U.S. states are realizing the benefits of them and starting to welcome them.  And although a lot of states may have made it illegal there are just some states where there is a lack of interests and or resources to it a viable or cost-effective solution.

The more accepting states for tiny houses

The more accepting states to tiny house with more available resources and better governing policies for tiny dwellings would be

  • California
  • Florida
  • Oregon
  • Texas
  • North Carolina

These listed states have quite a number of companies and resources that support and advertise the building of fully livable tiny houses.  It should also be said that even though Texas and Florida are on the list of being more tolerant and allowing tiny houses there are still some areas in the both of those states where tiny houses are still illegal.


There are still forty-five of the fifty American states that disapprove of the tiny houses trend, but with the rising seas and the vast expanses of the coastal area under threat from climate change maybe they will come to see the value of such housing when space becomes an issue in the States.

There are a few resources for updates on the various laws, regulations and places one can build tiny houses such as Tiny House Community and The American Tiny House Association.